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G.T. Blitz
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So that's what happens? From the sound of things so far everyone's got something different.

Can't see anything...

Looks like the tournament'll be pushed back, folks. At least until this ends, and then when the library gets fixed. Whoever trashed the TV...

[Pause. He doesn't like postponing it because it should have HAPPENED by now.]

You know, if this were Kras, there'd be far more severe punishments handed out. I can guarantee it.


[Blitz is blind and subject to revealing personal secrets as punishment~ He will also be hallucinating shortly, probably about races and his old man the final crash with Jak.]


[Someone doesn't like the cold. Or snow. He's from freaking Kras, okay, with an ocean climate, where they never got snow. Even when the tournament went global he avoided the snow in the northern mountains as much as possible. Not His Thing.

But now it's gone so he can do stuff again!]

I hope the recent festivities haven't distracted anyone from all the racing excitement! There's still time for a few last minute entries in the tournament before things kick off in a few days!

[Locked to Bryn // 80% Unhackable]

Bryn, my dear, you wanted to see me! I've got plenty of time, so just let me know where.

[Blitz will be done spamming shipNET shortly, but there are important things to be posting about. This is one of them!]

So! I was checking the calander and it seems there is a special occasion today!

[He clears his throat.]

Razer, my favourite ratings magnet, has a birthday today. I don't know how some of you celebrate natalities where you come from, but a party is always required.

Any guesses as to what age the old guy is now?

[He can't help being a jerk. He does so love taking jabs at Razer.]

Hello, race fans! I apologize in the delay for getting this out, but well, things happen. Bryn has already updated about the prizes in the tournament and it's not something to miss! You'll find a text link to her post at the end of this entry.

Right now, I've got the tournament format for you all!

The first round will be a preliminary race between all participants. Normal level, to judge everyone's skill as a racer at a base level. After that will be one-on-one races; everyone races each other! These are also point races, so newbie racers won't have too much to fret going up against the big name drivers!

After everyone's raced everyone, it'll be another group race. This is where the points matter; racers with the lowest points at the end will be eliminated from the competition. Things will progress in the same manner with the level being upped to hardcore until the finalists all face off in a group race! For the final round all point slates will be wiped clean and it'll be a true test of talent for the winner!

Bryn has been in Deck 20 signing people up, but you can still go sign yourself up on the sheet if you find she's not there!

Timing and broadcasting is still being worked out, but the details will be forthcoming. So stay tuned! And keep that boat from sinking.

[Text] Link to Bryn's entry about prizes! [/Text]

Well then.

[Someone's not happy! Blitz has spent the last day holled up in his room after dying, hasn't eaten, and it has been interesting. Usually, he'd work his anger off by sparring or spending some good long hours on the track, but uh... he's kind of stuck right now.]

I seem to be missing some personal artifacts. If anyone happens to come across anything, I'd greatly appreciate their return. No trouble, I hope.

[He chuckles at the end and it's the most forced thing ever.]

[OOC: Everything Blitz had with him when he was killed is scattered across the ship! Claimed are his toupee, chain-necklaces, and coat, but anything else is up for grabs as first come first serve. Potential open commentlog, depending on how you want to deliver (or not deliver) what you may find~

Edit: It should be said that Blitz didn't have his cameras with him, so they didn't get scattered.]

I seem to have come across what appears to be Precursor technology! Not being an expert in such a field, though, I would greatly appreciate if someone more knowledgeable than I could come take a look with me. Inquiring minds need to know, and all that.

[Blitz recently got the timemap from his encounter with a Dragon Slime, and while he's certain it's Precursor, it never hurts to corroborate in this kind of situation. He's in his room, for reference.]

For all you wheel jockeys out there, the tournament is still on! I'm still in the process of sorting things out and setting everything up, so while slow now, things should be getting in gear soon! However, I would like to ask the crew a few questions - nothing major or boat-defying, I assure you, but if any of the crew have some free time I wouldn't mind a face-to-face chat.

(OOC: This is backdated to the second day Jak was in the brig because I'm being eaten alive by my school and a stupid cold.]

Now, I knew Jak pretty well in Kras. Not as well as Razer, mind you, since they were always close, but I knew him well enough. The Jak I knew was calm and level headed, but still a pretty though guy. You have to be, if you want to survive Kras! But attacking child, now, that's something he never would have done. Sure, he's not the same Jak I knew, a year before, people change, etcetera, etcetera, but still.

[Actually Blitz could totally see Jak doing something like that, considering Jak left him to die in the smoldering wreckage of his car. Not to mention leaving Krew as well. But he's decided to play neutral in the siding war.]

Bias would lead me to side with Jak, but a good reporter always consults both sides before going with their story. So if the involved parties wouldn't mind, I'd like to conduct a few interviews on what happened.

[Blitz has been busy busy busy being distracted by Deck 20. Not as much as Erol or Razer, and not always racing, but he's been watching others there and burning his fair share of rubber. He's also working on hooking up his cameras to the screen in the library so he can broadcast races and be his obnoxious host self again. Oh boy.]

Let’s talk about networks; networks and their infinitesimally small wisdom. Why do networks do stupid things? Like giving me Pecker as a co-host. Seriously, infinitesimally small wisdom. Who thinks it up? Who then thinks that it’s a good idea? It was the G.T. Blitz show; what more could it need other than me and the top sport in the world? It’s like they have a test in their application process to prove that your IQ is below a certain margin. Simple marketing, people! They either don’t do it, or they don’t do it right – and when you have a premise as good as, well, me, if the ratings aren’t up then clearly it's the network’s fault.

And then there’s cancelling shows. Who hasn’t been heartbroken when their favourite show gets torn off air? I remember when the network halted my show for about a month because they thought it would be a good idea to try to cover the political war in Haven. Never had I seen such low numbers across the airwaves. The public missed some of the best races that season, too.

But then you still need the network in the end. So either you put up with the stupidity or you go off on your own to source your projects. But what medium do you use? In the end, it’s a tough choice. Unless you’re front page gold like me, that is!

[You can almost hear the smug. It hurts. Blitz clears his throat.]

Bryn, my dear! I believe I owe you a date of sorts; care to talk, or do you want to meet up somewhere?

Looks like I'm back in business, baby!

[Blitz is, of course, referring to the new race deck. The roar and hum of engines can be heard in the background.]

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